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Hello Everyone,

I first started playing the piano at eight years of age, but began my formal studies somewhat late in life.

Thanks to a wonderful professor, I developed a passion for teaching piano while enrolled in the Toronto Conservatory of Music program.

I was also encouraged by many to go further with my music. From then on, everything happened very quickly.

After returning to the province of Quebec from Ontario, I focused on writing easy listening, classical, children’s and contemporary music in Ste. Genevieve, Quebec.

My extensive travels throughout the world opened my heart to a variety of cultures and very diverse styles of music.

I continue to write everyday, above all for the love of my students while encouraging them to pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

I am extremely grateful to my two sons Christian and Steve for their love and support from the beginning. I also extend sincere thanks to my friends and family: Annick, Francine, Maryse, and Hector Dahuach - the best of all piano tuners!


Lorraine Ouellet.

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